The Smithing skill is used to create weapons and armour using metals and other materials available in the land of Skyrim, or to improve existing weapons and armour. EIP Gaming is a site for gamers looking for gaming guides and gaming news! Members. It requires a minimum of 70 points in the Smithing skilltree and the Advanced Armors perk. Leather Armour is created by using the pelts of animals that you have killed. Perk IDs are commonly used in console commands such as AddPerk . Instantly filter our database of 292 perks by typing a perk's name or ID code into the search box below. Weapons and armor can be improved 22% better. ... Skyrim. Find below a searchable list of all perk codes from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC / Mac (Steam). Making Better Gear: Fortify Smithing Loot Glass Gauntlets of Major Smithing Glass Gauntlets of Eminent Smithing Glass Bows do 15 damage points, and their carrying weight is 14, which is much less than their equivalent, the Falmer Supple Bow. Items continue to gain stats beyond level 91 in Smithing, Legendary is simply the last identifier. The tasks he gives appear under "Miscellaneous" in your Quest log. Join. the best way to obtain any specific type of weapon, honestly, is to just level up your smithing, and get the glass smithing perk. I also decided to revert back to Elven weapons, since they fit the look a bit better. 3.0k. Glass Smithing is a perk in the Smithing skilltree which allows you to create Glass armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much . ----- Glass Smithing ----- Armor Type: Light Prereqisite: 70 Skill, Advanced Armors Primary Materials: Refined Malachite Secondary: Refined Moonstone The best weapon type you'll ever get in the Light Armor Smithing branch. So, if you had the Glass Smithing Perk and a pair of Glass Boots and were level 54 in Smithing, you would make the boots Exquisite. 1.0m. Press J to jump to the feed. In order to push item stats to the max, we need Fortify Smithing. Welcome to EIP Gaming! The Ebony Ingot is the condensed, smith-ready version of a volcanic glass so rare and durable, some believe it to be the crystallized blood of the god Lorkhan himself. Gold Ingot Rare Elven smithing is somehow yielding better stuff than Glass... - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: I started getting annoyed with the look of the glass armor while doing thieves guild stuff... Too garish, so I took the decrease in armor rating in order to wear much cooler looking thieves guild armor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Online. Or do I have to get the daedric armor perk first? In Dawnguard, almost all the new armors are augmented by this perk. To begin improving the Smithing skill, talk to Alvor in Riverwood. Glass Smithing – Can create Glass armor and weapons at forges, and improve them twice as much (Requirements: Smithing 70, Elven Smithing) ... > The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > A Guide To All Skyrim Perks. The secrets to smithing Amber equipment is learned by reading Evethra's Journal, obtained from a miscellaneous quest which is granted upon reading the Note on Amber and Madness Ore. Smithing the armor also requires learning Glass Smithing, the third perk in the "light armor" branch of the smithing … Created Dec 12, 2010. Boards The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Can I get the dragonbone armor smithing perk from the glass smithing perk?